Monday, June 7, 2010

#bdjf: "Liberace was killer!"

Of course, the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival has a Twitter feed and hashtag. You can follow the BDJF on Twitter at @DiscoverJazzVT. If you're a Twitter user, Tweet about the festival using the #BDJF hashtag (it's a good idea to include the Burlington hashtag as well, #BTV). You'll find the latest schedule changes, promotions, and news from the festival and can share your own thoughts and insights.

One of the great things about Twitter is you can share quotes, observations, and thoughts that are scribbled in the reporter's notebook but might not otherwise be the basis of a longer piece. To wit, during the Meet The Artist session with Allen Toussaint and Don Byron, Mr. Toussaint shared his thoughts on many of the great artists and producers he's worked with in his career. What did he have to say about the late, fabulous Liberace? "I loved Liberace. Liberace was killer!"

Most people remember Liberace for the opulence, the character, and the controversies. But with Toussaint, it's all about the music - and at the piano "Liberace was killer." To me, that was definitely Tweetworthy.

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