Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheryl's Top Five (that weren't)

With the perspective of a day or so now I'm thinking about this year's Jazz Festival and trying to decide how to quantify and qualify everything I heard. I can't do it.

So rather than review my top moments of the Festival, I'm going to mention the big ones I regretfully did not see - and hope that next year's list is shorter!

In no special order, my "Top Five Misses" for Jazz Fest '09:

1. Lokum, a Turkish-Armenian /folk/roots band playing at the Skinny Pancake on Sat. the 6th. (By the way, check out the Jazz Festival's listing for band descriptions - what a great resource.)

2. Hot Pickin' Party at Halvorson's on Weds. the 10th. Missed it. Where was I? Oh yeah, somewhere else downtown listening to great music.

3. Will Bernard at Nectar's on Tue. the 9th. I really love Stanton Moore, the drummer playing with the group that night. But I got the night wrong and missed it - not in the cards to see him this time around I guess.

4. Bob Blumenthal's Meet the Artist session with Branford Marsalis and Justin Faulkner on Fri. the 12th. And by all reports it was a good one. Darn.

5. Last night's grand finale concert with Jennifer Hartswick, Joe Davidian, Dezron Douglas, & Cory Healey. It was a long week with Monday coming fast, and I just had to get home on the early side...ah, the curse of a 45-min. commute.

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