Monday, June 15, 2009

George's Jazz Fest Favs

Jazz Fest Saturday afternoon at Burlington's World Tent on the waterfront. It was a great Discover Jazz Fest. My favs? In no particular order:

Pink Martini - fun, camp, even some jazz

Anat Cohen - good as I hoped, a clarinet goddess

Bob Blumenthal's interview with Branford Marsalis, didn't get to see the show

Jennifer Hartswick, Joe Davidian & Robinson Morse's live Performance on VPR

Three Way Tie between:

the sound check for Yousef Lateef and Adam Rudolph with more small
instruments assembled in one place than ever before and then Bob Blumenthal
squeezed in for the spiritual interview


two rooms of dancers, cellos, audience, basses, an avant-guarde Dutch Trio and
Art Brooks, the legendary trumpet player and educator from southern Vermont
all flowing back and forth high in the Firehouse on Church Street.


The Rain

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