Saturday, June 13, 2009

Music Makes it Great, Volunteers Make it Happen

Last Tuesday evening I arrived a little early at the FlynnSpace for Grace Kelly's concert and had a nice conversation with Carol, one of the Flynn's ushers. She's been a volunteer there for over twenty years. Her favorite show so far? She mentioned several, but the recent production of Hello Dolly was right at the top of the list. (For many folks, I'm sure!)

Carol is one of more than 350 people who volunteer at the Flynn for events like the Jazz Festival.

Tonight at the Branford Marsalis concert, I talked with several more volunteers including Jill and Cathy, and the Flynn's Volunteer Manager, Liza. They drive in to Burlington from towns as far away as Brandon, Stowe, and Waterbury Center (!) just to be able to give up an evening and run the concessions stand, take tickets, hand out programs, and see guests safely to and from their seats.

They're a silent but integral element of the Flynn's success, along with sponsors, staff, ticket buyers, and the musicians themselves who make it happen.

Every organization is only as good as its parts. For the Flynn, the Jazz Festival, and VPR too - our volunteers are an invaluable part of what we do, and who we are.

Thank you, volunteers!

(Find out more about volunteering at VPR here)

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