Friday, June 12, 2009

Late Night with Diabate to end a great day that began with avant-garde music and interpretive dancing (not by me), and continued for several hours with some hard funk and hard dancing (now, that was by me)?

How about a concert of contemporay music from Mali? And more dancing. But you knew that.


I missed Malian singer Boubacar Diabaté last Saturday when he appeared at the Skinny Pancake. I just couldn't pull myself away from the captivating concert of experimental music at the Firehouse. I regretted having to make the choice, but it's impossible to see everything so I resigned myself to catching Boubacar the next time he came around.

The next time came around last night! A friend e-mailed me in the afternoon to let me know that Boubacar had stayed in town for another show, this time at Nectar's, and this time with a full electric band. It was fantastic. Even if it meant getting home around IS only once a year, right?

(Tonight: Branford Marsalis at the Flynn. And maybe some sleep. Nah.)

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