Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's for Everyone

(Montpelier's U32 Highschool Jazz band, on the Church St. Marketplace around 5:30pm today)--->

This evening at the Luis Perdomo concert I struck up a conversation with the young man sitting next to me. He introduced himself as Zach, a student at New York's New School. He was home in Vermont on summer vacation for a month or so. He's a drummer.

We talked a little about NY City, places we both knew there, and about this year's Jazz Festival. He asked whether I had gone to Diana Krall last night, and I said I hadn't. He said he went because one of his idols is Krall's drummer, Jeff Hamilton. I mentioned I liked Hamilton's brush work - very Philly Jo Jones. Zach said that Hamilton had studied with Jones. I told him I didn't know that. (Well, no wonder Hamilton has the Jones master touch with the brushes.)

I like learning that kind of thing, it helps to put the pieces all together. And I really like learning it from someone around 20 years younger than me.

It occurred to me in our conversation that one of cool things about the Festival is its inclusivity. From young performers to jazz legends, from professionals to street musicians and school bands of every grade level: everyone's welcome to share their voice, for the sole reason that music belongs to all of us!

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