Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movement Of The Martini

Movement Of The People and the Saturday night final tent of Jazz Fest 2009.

A large horn-rich rolling dance world tribute to the late Nigerian sax and vocalist Fela Kuti who annoyed his government with danceable, political lyrics & sounds and manged to enjoy a life playing on stage in only briefs, smoking herb in quantities even his reputed 40 wives couldn't keep up. Movement of the People recreates and keeps his music fresh with a tribute accurate in both music & spirit.

Stayed for their set, danced too hard and did something to both of my knees then up the hill to the Flynn, hit the Pink Martini show, never recovered.

House was full-looking and filled with quite a few return celebrants of the 12 piece Seattle band who sing songs in Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Turkish, on and on. Think Eartha Kitt hosting Prairie Home Companion with Louis Prima as bandleader, Carmen Miranda as music director and Dean Martin on board to teach World Music Cool. Add a few "classical" pieces with well executed violin/piano moments, sprinkle with jazz, do not fold in, pianist must fling hands & even arms about, vocalist is leaning slightly back, arms stretched, head back, the drama of a Broadway show vocalist with campy jazz humor. In the Program Notes by Bob Blumenthal he sums up with the statement that "Pink Martini creates what [founder and pianist Thomas H.] Lauderdale refers to as urban musical travelogues full of unashamed feeling and sly wit."

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