Friday, June 5, 2009

Where it's at! The Jazz Fest Map

If you're looking for a map of what's going on where during the festival, check out the official Discover Jazz Festival map at the official site.  You'll find locations of all the festival venues, the 'round town jazz spots, and contact info.

If you're looking for driving directions, or if you want to see where the VPR bloggers have been, check out the Discover Jazz Fest Map.  We've got the festival venues and 'round town spots plotted and each place has links to any relevant photos or blog posts from the VPR staff.  We're in the first day, so there's not much linked, but check out Halvorson's on the map to see links back to the opening reception pics & posts.

If you want to add something to the map, just drop us an email.  See you around town!

View Discover Jazz Fest Map by VPR in a larger map

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